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Hackney Vegan Market


I’ve made an important decision! I have decided to commit to making a blog post every Wednesday and Sunday. That’s a promise to you.

I hope you will keep me too this promise!!!

This Sunday I wanted to share with you some news of an exciting vegan event to spring up in the East of London. Saturday was the vegan market at Hackney Downs Studios, organized by the infamous London based vegan blogger Fat Gay Vegan. The festival included a range of vegan stalls from some of London’s most innovative vegan businesses including Club Mexicana, Big V London, GreenBay and the very popular Temple of Seitan.

Don’t fear if you missed the event it happens monthly. Make sure to add the 15th of April to your diary for the next one!

Underneath are some photographs of the food we enjoyed on the day including a vegan burger from Cafe SoVegan and some INSANE cheese sticks by Club Mexicana.

Josie xxx



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