pepperWelcome to The Art of Vegan!

My name is Josie and I am happy to share the Art of vegan with you. The Art of Vegan has started whilst in my first year at university in London. Since becoming vegan in 2015 my interest in food and cooking has exploded. This enthusiasm has only intensified since moving to London to study. London has a growing number of vegan cafes, restaurants and bakery’s. I hope I can share with you some of the exciting developments in vegan food happening around me.

As a student living in such an expensive city I have to be able to feed myself economically. I often get asked whether it is more expensive to be vegan and it has become something of a mission of mine to prove that this does not have to be, in fact I believe it can be more cost effective to shop vegan.

Personally, this blog is a fun way to document what I make. I believe food is a very social and many memories are created around meals. As I love to cook with and for people I aspire for it to be something I can share with my vegan and non-vegan friends. Maybe my blog will become will become something really special!

Josie xxx

Please be a part of The Art of Vegan through my social media, I’d love to hear your ideas!



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