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Vegan Manchester

Hello Again, I hope you've had a wonderful weekend! If you follow me on social media, or are familiar with some of my other blog posts you may have seen me traveling around a fair bit recently. My travels are mostly in order to visit vegan events.  It seems like every other weekend I seem… Continue reading Vegan Manchester

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Vegan Lasagna

  It’s Sunday, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! This weekend I am lucky enough to be spending with my family, something that has become quite rare since moving away last year. Weekends spent at home always involve big meals. This vegan lasagna is a perfect dish to share with your loved ones this… Continue reading Vegan Lasagna


Roasted Pepper, Spinach and Olive Tapenade Rolls

Makes 4 Rolls   Ready to add something more exciting to your lunchtime pack up? I’m going to be honest with you I find packed lunches pretty dull. A packed lunch never seems too far from memories of warm, shaken up sandwiches in the bottom of my school bag. Although I consider myself generally a… Continue reading Roasted Pepper, Spinach and Olive Tapenade Rolls

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Hackney Vegan Market

Guys, I’ve made an important decision! I have decided to commit to making a blog post every Wednesday and Sunday. That’s a promise to you. I hope you will keep me too this promise!!! This Sunday I wanted to share with you some news of an exciting vegan event to spring up in the East… Continue reading Hackney Vegan Market


Vegfest Brighton 2016

Hello again, This weekend has been Brighton VegFest. VegFest is a regular event where vegan cooks, companies and animal rights charities come together to hold stalls and talks. It is an exciting opportunity  to learn about veganism and importantly sample lots of tasty vegan foods! The latest Vegfest was held in Brighton. Brighton is a… Continue reading Vegfest Brighton 2016

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Beets ‘n’ Beans Burgers

Makes 8 Patties   Nothing beets these beetroot and kidney beans burgers! Well, maybe not in the world of veggie burger that is. I mean, I’m not claiming they are as brilliant as Yayoi Kusama dot work piece or a Kandinsky painting (get the art ref)  ,but the colours come close to a piece of art.… Continue reading Beets ‘n’ Beans Burgers

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Lime and Coconut Drizzle Cake

  Hello again, It’s a Sunday. If your Sundays play out anything like mine, which I’m sure they do, you will be reading this from the sofa with your feet up, a cup of your favorite tea in arms reach and your best lazy days Spotify playlist in the background. That is an exact description… Continue reading Lime and Coconut Drizzle Cake