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Vegan Lasagna

  It’s Sunday, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! This weekend I am lucky enough to be spending with my family, something that has become quite rare since moving away last year. Weekends spent at home always involve big meals. This vegan lasagna is a perfect dish to share with your loved ones this… Continue reading Vegan Lasagna

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Beets ‘n’ Beans Burgers

Makes 8 Patties   Nothing beets these beetroot and kidney beans burgers! Well, maybe not in the world of veggie burger that is. I mean, I’m not claiming they are as brilliant as Yayoi Kusama dot work piece or a Kandinsky painting (get the art ref)  ,but the colours come close to a piece of art.… Continue reading Beets ‘n’ Beans Burgers


Vegan Moussaka

4 Servings Ingredients:   Onion 2 Garlic Cloves 2 tbsp of Olive Oil 2 Aubergines 2 Beetroots 3 Carrots 50g Red Lentils 1 Can of Chopped Tomatoes A Handful of Prunes 2tsp of Paprika 2tsp Mustard Powder 1tsp Cayenne Pepper 200ml of Vegetable Sock For the topping: 1tbsp Vegan Spread 1tbsp Plain Flour 200ml Plant… Continue reading Vegan Moussaka